Regardless of the size of the house, you will always want to have a bit more space to store something. When you organize things nicely, you have the order and it is easier to find things throughout your house. If we speak about the design that can make your space larger, the top down bottom up blinds can create an illusion of bigger space, while improving the décor and design.

The storage is never enough and we have decided to show you how to get more storage in the house and the easy tips to make your house bigger.

Make a drawer under your bed

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One of the things that a lot of people tend to forget or skip is the drawer under the bed. This is a super cool space that does not take any of your space while providing you extra storage for some things. You can store pillows, rugs and linens or anything else that you do not use often but takes space. You can order a bed with this functionality, or you can make this easy by yourself. In any way, this is one of the best things you can do to add more space without sacrificing your room.

The shelf in the attic

The attic is the place that we mostly do not use, especially during the summer as it is super-hot there. Since this is the space that we do not use at all, why shouldn’t you convert it into the shelf? You do not need a lot of money nor time to construct this shelf.

Use an L-shaped timber to match the roof and floor and tighten the construction with screws. Here, you can store even bigger items that you do not have a place to store somewhere. Just make sure to align everything to achieve stable construction.

Bookcase built in wall

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Built it bookcase is a great project that does not require you to invest a lot of money, but it can save you precious space. If you like reading, there are books that you do not read that often than some others. For this reason, make a built-in shelf with a door so you can close the door and leave the books there. Add a small beam on the outer side of the shelf to store some of the books you read often, to avoid opening and taking all of them out.

The medicine cabinet in bathroom

The medicine cabinet is something we all must have in our house as you never know when you can get sick. Storing the medicine around the drawers is okay, but you will lose some of them or you will need more space eventually. For this reason, it is a good way to ensure that you have the cabinet only for medicine, to make sure that everything is in one place. You can even buy the complete cabinets that you only need to mount, or you can DIY if you have home improvement skills and make it look just the way you want to!