Know the prices to borrowing money well. Calculating your overall budget gives you another advantage: you’ll get your home loan more easily. By knowing at your fingertips all the expenses to be incurred in the short, medium along-termerm, you show the bank that you are well aware of the costs incurred by the construction of a new house.

Credit for construction

You will respect one of the basic rules to obtain good credit: to present a reliable profile, knowing that the financial institutions, to grant a loan, seek a maximum of security to limit the risks of unpaid. Better: the stronger your profile, the more likely you are to get a discount on the rate of your loan. This is important so take this to heart.

Make plans

Secure your construction project. To remember nothing, draw up specifications. You will find a list of all budget items in the house. You can proceed by chapters: land, house, credit, landscaping, garden, etc. And you will encrypt them. This file is designed to make your job easier since it details all the points to be taken into account.

Be informed about the new house. These steps will allow you to obtain a lot of information on land, construction technique, construction contract, real estate credit or guarantees. Enough to feed your discussions with builders, architects, bankers, land sellers, notary and financial institutions. In short, calculate the price of your home before you start, it is to bet on the security and to act as an informed consumer!