Despite the construction regulations, a number of contractors have gone ahead to violate those regulations. Violations happen in various spheres, but the three most violated construction laws are:

  1. Health and safety laws

The health and safety regulations require that employers ensure the safety of workers and the general public by providing safety gear to the workers and putting in place accident mitigation measures. Unfortunately, the recent number of construction site accidents, some leading to deaths have shown that companies have been disregarding health and safety laws. For instance, in February of 2014, lack of adherence to safety guidelines led to the death of a worker at a construction site in Kentucky. There have been many other similar cases since then.

  1. Hiring laws

Under the UK construction laws, it is unlawful for construction companies to hire employees who do not have work permits and/or are not qualified to work at construction sites. Contractors are obliged to ensure that workers are properly document and certified. However, construction companies have been ignoring these laws, sometimes hiring as many as 100 illegal workers in one construction site.

  1. Copyright law

Construction companies are aware that before the implementation of a project there are many things which have to be done. One of the key pre-commencement tasks is to complete the architect’s drawing of the project. The copyright law prohibits companies from using drawings of other companies without their knowledge. However, cases of copyright infringement in the construction industry are high as companies have been using competitor’s drawings without their permission.