As the construction industry, like many other industries, develops and progresses every day, it is natural that we see some technology perks and gadgets that make the whole business a lot easier. From renting the toilets for your construction site to the 3D modeling of the future building, everything has progressed. offers one of the best solutions when it comes to renting the welfare and bathroom units, and this can be achieved solely through the simple mobile app, without any single call or an uttered word.

The same is with the actual construction since the goal is to make the whole process faster, convenient and easier. What can we see already from the latest technology perks when it comes to the construction?

The integration of the data ecosystem in the real-time use of software

Real-time participation and teamwork could lead to the more efficient, faster and more accurate projects that will require little to no interference of human. The various projects as well as the data and information, all over the world, will be integrated into one huge database.

The integration of the data ecosystem

How to do a integration of the data ecosystem

The database will grant you access so you could see if there is a similar project that has similar data. This data can be used as a cornerstone for your project, as you do not need to calculate a complex mat and civil engineering formulas, but rather type in the parameters and receive the precise and final numbers and data.

This concept saves time greatly on the project planning, safety, implementation and realization, which is the ultimate goal of the technology advancement.

Augmented Reality in project planning

Augmented Reality has opened many doors and expanded the possibilities of construction to that point where people only want the companies that utilize the power of this technology. AR actually uses the existing reality to incorporate, or better say simulate, the project that is going to be built.

Augmented Reality in project planning

How to do Augmented Reality in project planning

This is useful in many scopes but mostly because you can see whether the project could be placed in the existing environment and surroundings. The AR concept has improved the overall construction industry by expanding it for 30% on the global level! The professional engineers and architects use the modern 3D software to develop the projects and then simulate them in real time and the real world.

Robotics for automated and more precise tasks

The robotic industry has never been more present than today and it is likely to expect that the robots will replace people, at least in some basic tasks at the beginning until the technology is brushed and adapted for more massive use.

The fact is that some jobs that are feeding people at the moment will disappear and their place will take the robots, but on the other hand, the time and resources will be saved in the great amount, which is the ultimate goal of every industry. From building the simple concrete blocks and stairs to creating the whole floor – all these tasks will be performed by the robots at some point in time.