The arborists are paid and certified professionals who know how to approach the tree removal process that is finished successfully in all circumstances and every environment. Still, there are some people tend to call the tree removal in roswell ga, but are also tempted to do this by themselves.

If you are one of those people, then you must read this article where we will present the essential dos and don’ts of DIY tree removal.

Gear yourself up

Before you start, make sure that you have all the right equipment. Do not start this task if you have not bought the protective glasses, a helmet, Kevlar pads and protection, steel boots and the proper tools.

Tree Removal Companies

Professional Worker Removing Tree

The chainsaws, hand saws, polesaws and pruning shears are the starting point, but you must also have the safety ropes of the highest quality, carabiners, wood chippers and hedge hammers. If you fail to have these, you will end up stuck at some point due to the lack of equipment, so make sure that you collect everything first and then start with the work.

Do not remove large trees without the pros

The worst thing you can do, especially if you are dealing with the large trees, is to cut down large trees on your own, without any professional help. The large trees are unpredictable even when you apply the 100% tested techniques and methods.

It is a job that requires expertise, experience and a lot of skills. Not only it is risky, but it is also time-consuming as it takes time for preparation so everything could go in the right way. If you have large trees, get help from the professionals.

The environment must be clear

Before you start, you must have a clear environment and a safe pathway so you could escape if anything goes wrong. For a start, make sure there are nobody around to prevent possible injuries or deaths.

Worker After Cutting Tree

Worker In Backyard After Cutting Tree

Although you guide the tree to fall in the direction you want, you never know when the direction would change for no reason. For this reason, on obstacles or people must be around the place where you cut down trees. So, prior to starting, double-check nothing and no one is close to the tree or in the direction of the falling.

Never cut trees from the ladder

Another huge mistake that people often do is cutting trees from the ladder. When you are on the ladder, one sudden and quick/unpredictable move can make you fall off the ladder, which means a lot of injuries in the best-case scenario.

In the worst case, you can die from falling. Though you can do this when you cut down thin and small branches that are not heavy, not even this is recommended. If you must be higher from the point of cutting, then you must contact the professionals who have the professional equipment to come and finish the work.