Striving for an eco-friendly home: How-to tips


A lot of projects elevate your home and also enhance your family’s way of living. You can enjoy these projects’ advantages and updates if you work on these. And once you have done these developments and make environment-friendly upgrades, you can begin earning from your investments through green energy technologies.

Kitchen Renovation

cl2As to a lot of people, they consider the kitchen the heart of homes. That’s why upgrading the kitchen will benefit you. Studies show that you can get your investments back for 60%-120% on remodelling your kitchen. But don’t overdo it. Your kitchen shouldn’t outshine any other part of the house or your neighbourhood.

Effectiveness of Paint


If we’re talking about the expenses of renovating your kitchen, it can range from $5,000 up to $75,000 or even more. You can definitely see your money’s worth by considering your kitchen’s colour. Having a vibrant paint and a fresh look of colours can improve how your kitchen looks. And another is, paint can cost you less.

Use Appliances that are Energy-Efficient


Use appliances that are energy-efficient and replace your old ones. These type of appliances are environment-friendly and since they use less energy, it will help you save your money. In looking for new homes, buyers will consider those ones that can save them money.

Adding Bathrooms


If you want to build an extra space for a bathroom, look for any unused rooms or spaces in the house. These spaces may be closets or those spaces under the staircase. The space requirement varies depending on which kind of bathroom you want. It will require around 18 square feet for a half-bath, 30 square feet for a full bath with a shower, and 35 square feet if you want to include a bathtub.

Adding bathrooms can cost you a lot, depending on the additional accessories you like and other add-ons you want. It would be best if you check constantly on different home depots since they often have great discounts on their toilets or sinks.

Renewing a Room


It will be an extremely expensive project to add more area to your house for a new room. Yes, you can earn your investment back on putting up a new room, but the 50% to 83% of that can be uncontrollable. You can see examples of this in TV shows. Their house remodelling begins with a $15,000 budget and ends up to $30,000 or even greater when they encounter problems during the remodelling.

Instead of building a new room, recreate an existing one to save money like turning your attic (see Mansard loft) into a bedroom, or have a basement. A lot of people also adds small rooms in their garages for renting.

Home improvements can come with a lot of expenses, but it can also bring a positive way of living. With better appliances that will cost you less, in the long run, being creative and resourceful towards the designs and efficiency of your rooms. All of this can help add up to your happiness and satisfaction within the four corners of your home.

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