The implementation of the robots in the construction business is going to change this industry significantly to that point that some of the work positions will not be open to humans. Therefore, human labor is going to be decreased as well, as some tasks can be replaced by robots easily. One of the distinguished construction business companies Bush Builders had announced the use of this technology in the upcoming years.

As soon as it becomes developed and tested properly, we can expect to see robots replace some work positions! So, how the robotics will change the construction business?

A lot of automation is going to be implemented

The first thing that comes to our mind when we mention the robots is automation. We are not talking about the robot that will complete the building from scratch, as this is still not possible as artificial intelligence has to be improved more.

Robots Construction Sector

Construction Robots Are Future

But material packing, welding, dispensing or precise cutting is definitely going to be the part of the daily activities of robots. Why should we use people for unpacking of the materials, when robots can do this? Of course, these are just the beginnings, and we can expect later to see more advanced problem-solving robots!

Decreased human labor and altered workforce

Yes, this is very likely, as the robots will replace the traditional and practical tasks that can be automated. At the moment, the estimation is that more than 10% of the current job positions will diminish as the robots could take over some of the basic work duties.

Also, we can expect that a lot of job positions in the construction work is going to alter since the new technologies are invented.

It means that there will be no physical workers, but rather tech-savvy experts who will manage the group of robots that work on the specific task. Therefore, the new skills would be valued and highly wanted – it is expected that more than 400,000 different jobs would grow in the construction business.

Bricklaying will be automated

Another thing that can be automated easily is bricklaying. This is a task that is very simple but crucial to further work and therefore, the technology will enable us to replace the workers by the robots that will lay down the bricks.

Robots Are Useful For Construction

Drones And Robots Are Ready For Using On Construction Site

There is already a concept where the workers will actually (even this task can automated) put the bricks in the machine that will laid out these accurately. Instead of spending 15 days on the bricklaying work, the robots would finish this work in less than 5 days! This saves time and costs and makes the whole process very efficient!

3D printing instead of carpentering

With the concept of 3D printing, the carpentering jobs would cease to exist at one point of time, as every complex structure, roads, bridges or home buildings will be replaced by realistic 3D models. These models will save a lot of time and materials as well, as the complete and ready to use object comes out directly from the 3D printer! One of the most demanding skills in the future will be working with 3D printers!