Home tips: 4 things you can do to help save Mother Earth

The Earth, the planet we live in, as we know it is slowly dying. That is an undeniable fact. And for centuries, we humans have done nothing to prevent or even to slow down the inevitable.

The technology we have is becoming more and more advanced and with it comes even more destructive substances for Mother Earth. But slowly and steadily, we have come to know and admit our mistake. People are now advocating for a more “green” environment.

We should do our part in helping stave off our world’s demise. It is the least we could do considering all Mother Earth has done for us.

Now, eco-friendly projects are being launched. Engineers are now discovering ways for their machines and infrastructures to be more environmentally sound.

So we, as citizens and as the only intelligent race of the planet, should also lend our help in saving Mother Earth.

Now we can do a lot to help. Every little thing counts. As homeowners, we can help by tweaking and changing little bits in our home.

Here are 4 things you can do to help save Mother Earth:

  1. Replace all your old light bulbs


Yes. I told you, even little things count. Those old light bulbs waste a lot of energy and that essentially means a lot of Mother Earth’s resources are wasted.

They use up about 90% of energy to convert to heat and light. Not to mention it only produces a meagerly annoying light. Now, think about all the energy wasted. Buying LED bulbs and fluorescent lamps can significantly lower down your energy bills.

      2. Insulate your roof


It is a reality that our home tends to be either too cold or too hot. We get uncomfortable so we spend a lot of money on temperature altering appliances.

These devices emit loads of destructive elements like CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) that can harm our atmosphere.

Here’s a thought. Why not insulate your roof?

Insulating your roof causes heat to get trapped inside your home making it a great deal warmer inside. You won’t have to rely on heaters and other similar appliances anymore.

Companies like Chiswick loft conversions specialises in turning dusty old lofts to purposeful new rooms which come with roof insulation. 

       3. Replace your old appliances


Saving energy means saving the Earth. Old appliances are very inefficient and use up a lot of energy. Take for example an old refrigerator. It consumes about three times more energy than a new one. If you replace your old appliances for new ones, you will not only be saving a lot of money on energy bills, you will be decreasing your overall energy consumption thus helping to save our planet.

       4. Go for green


What better way to save Mother Nature than by placing nature all around you? By planting or placing trees and plants around your house, you will be decreasing the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content. And your house will look very enchanting with all the greenery around.

Let us all help save the earth in our ways. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you do big or small things, it all counts.

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