A blind is a movable curtain, made of aluminum, fabric or wood, equipping an interior and exterior window. It is maneuvered by hand, or under the action of a mechanism (cord, chain, crank, motor, etc …), from top to bottom or horizontally.

The function of the awning is different according to its position with respect to the window: inside, it is intended to tame the light, to make the darkness, to protect itself from the rays of the sun, or to cut the view with the outside. The main purpose of the awning is to protect itself from heat, sun and to reduce heat transfer inside a home.

When was the first blind created?

Historically, men have sought to protect themselves from the sun, or on the contrary, to take advantage of the light during the winter seasons to benefit from solar radiation. The first blinds would have appeared at the time of Ancient Egypt. Archaeologists have found engraved drawings of houses with reed blinds on which slaves poured water to moisten and cool the air entering the room. It has also been discovered that the Chinese, in the days of Imperial China, made blinds made of woven bamboo stems.

Venetians were known to be traders who traveled around the world to stock or sell goods. During their travels in Persia, they discovered this blind, imported it to Venice for their personal comfort, but also to market it.

The history of Venetian blinds, symbolizing Venetian comfort and refinement (from Venice), was later imported to France, renamed “persiennes”.

But it is in the United States that the Venetian blind becomes popular and unavoidable.

Imported in 1767 by an Englishman, John Webster, it was then industrialized in 1841, thanks to John Hampson, inventor of the system of a synchronized orientation of the slats.

He really became one of the symbols of the American habitat after he equipped for the first time one of the famous skyscrapers New York. Indeed, in 1933, Rockefeller built the RCA Building (Radio Corporation of America) in the heart of the Rockefeller Center and the team of Venetian blinds associated with centralized air conditioning.