A Homeowner’s Guide to Saving the Planet

Humans are amazing. This past century, we have discovered many, many things. We are modernising the world itself. Our ways of living have improved so much in just a short span of time. But the humans’ rapid breakthroughs in technology had its consequences.

Yes, we made amazing discoveries to improve our day-to-day lives, we made life much more convenient, and we made the world a lot smaller by communications technology. But it came with a dire price. In the process of modernisation, we also did grievous damages to Mother Nature.

We have altered Nature’s landscape, and we have destroyed the habitats of some animals. We polluted our atmosphere and our lakes. We dumped toxic chemicals in bodies of water, which killed valuable marine animals, and we’ve created cars, which emitted harmful gas compounds that made holes in our ozone.

We enjoyed the luxuries of our modern technology and neglected the destruction we caused to our world. Fortunately, we humans have realised our dreadful error sometime in the last decade, and have made reasonable efforts in reversing the damage.

As denizens of our beloved Earth, we must not dismiss the efforts of our brethren in saving the environment. Everything we do counts.

As homeowners, we can start helping the Earth by altering some of the things we do to, and in, our home.

Plant some greens

We destroyed many trees and forests to build our huge cities. We burned extravagant amounts of fossil fuels in our factories and transportation, filling our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases. And there aren’t enough trees to absorb the massive amounts of carbon dioxide.

By building a garden, whether outside or inside your home, you are actively helping in diminishing air pollution. And you’ll also receive oxygen and fruits from the plants.

Reduce energy consumption

We use electricity in our daily lives. In generating electricity, we consume fossil fuels. The method is relatively cheap, but it causes severe damage and pollution to our planet.

By conserving energy, we are reducing the harm done to Mother Nature. It is obvious that we can’t just stop our use of electricity, so what can we do? Avoid energy waste and be more energy efficient.

Here are some things you can do to be more efficient in energy consumption:

  • Insulating your roof

If you live in cold areas, you probably use heaters so you can stay warm. But the heat it generates eventually escapes to the roof. To make your home more energy efficient, insulate your roof so that the warm air will stay inside. You can also convert your loft while you’re at it. You can find more information on this at Fulhamlofts.co.uk.

  • Replace old appliances

Ten years ago, we used appliances, but we didn’t know that it consumed significant amounts of electricity to function. But because of the advancement in technology, energy efficient appliances are now available.  These appliances are two to ten times more effective than their old counterparts.

By doing these things, you will help save our planet, you will enhance your home’s beauty, and you will be saving money on your energy bills. So, what’s not to love?

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